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At the 15th annual Brit Awards in London on February 19th Michael presented the band Oasis with Best Video honors. After an argument with Noel Gallagher of Oasis Hutchence added some additional vocals to the chorus which the rest of the band were unaware of until months after the albums releaseWhen listening for it the chorus can either be heard as I am elegantly wasted or I am better than Oasis.

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Nick Egan born 4 July 1957 in London England is a visual design artist and director of music videos commercials and film.

Inxs oasis. General CommentI have just read the INXS autobiography. He graduated from the Watford College of Art and Design with a DGA in 1976. Just finished up reading the official INXS biography and one of my favorite parts was that after all the drama that went on Hutch got the last word.

Two friends of mine slept with the bass player and saxguitar player and got me and my girlfriend at the time comps for the gig the following nightthey didnt see it as taking one for the. This song was recordde shortly after Michael presented an award to Oasis wher Liam said that they shouldnt be getting their award from a has been. When they took the stage one of the Gallagher brothers went spouting off on a rant about how Oasis was the best band in the world and that they were personally offended.

Im Elegantly Wasted aka Im Better Than Oasis. He loved the new bands he loved Oasis and Pearl Jam and he was desperately trying to evolve INXS with these new sounds that were coming out You can get down on Oasis but theyre young. The Official Autobiography you can hear the band singing Were better than Oasis in the background as opposed to Were Elegantly Wasted This was as a result of an altercation between Michael Hutchence and the Gallagher brothers at the 1996 BRIT awards.

INXS Michael Hutchence mightve actually had the upper hand in the 90s against Oasis Noel Gallagher feud thanks to Elegantly Wasted. Hutchence would have his own back in a sense on Elegantly Wasted by incorporating the words Im better than Oasis into the chorus of Im elegantly wasted as a footnote some people think my first book A Lyrical Oasis is something to do with the band as it was also released in 97 but rest assured this is not the case. The Official Autobiography you can hear the line Were better than Oasis in the background as opposed to Were Elegantly WastedThis was as a result of an altercation between Michael Hutchence and the Gallagher brothers at the 1996 BRIT awards.

I was never a super fan because I tend to like harder more aggressive stuff but everything i heard from them had a good sound and was a catchy song. This was further to an altercation between Hutchence and the Gallagher brothers at. At the 1996 Brits he.

INXS who were best known for their hits Suicide Blonde Mystify and I Need You Tonight saw the height of their fame in the late 80s and early 90s. Inxss songs have aged far better than Oasiss. It is rumoured that Michael Hutchence sings Im better than Oasis during the song instead of one of the Elegantly Wasted lines.

In contrast songs such as New Sensation Never Tear us Apart Suicide Blonde and countless others could easily be hits if. Inxs were briefly the biggest band in the world in much the same way as Oasis were as is currently being argued about in another long thread Side note. His former INXS bandmates also noted how Hutchences behaviour altered.

He became aggressive they say with typical Aussie candour. Back at a major music awards show Oasis was named Best New Band of the Year with INXS as said award presenters. Noel had an infamously loose tongue in the 90s and slagged off just about everyone except himself the beatles the stone Roses and Richard Ashcroft.

When they were recording the title track Elegantly Wasted – Hutch went into the studio to work on the background vocals and. Elegantly Wasted INXS Easter Egg – Better Than Oasis. As Oasis were awarded best video trophy by.

How 13 Musicians Responded To Searing Put-Downs From The Former Oasis Man. Danny Saber reflects on Michaels run-in with the Gallagher Brothers at the Brit Awards in the mid 90s. Apparently INXS Elegantly Wasted is a clapback to Oasis Noel Gallagher.

INXS formed in 1977 as a result of various bandly configurations branching out of a cluster of schools in Australias Frenchs Forest a Northern Beaches suburb of Sydney 15 minutes inland from Manly from where I write this. Hutchence who liked Oasis music gave Liam Gallagher an emphatic hug and kiss on the cheek. Oasis had the better albums and songs.

Oasis did Wonder Wall From my perspective they were famous for 15 minutes mostly for the two brothers being dickheads to each other. Then Noel Gallagher took to the mic and made probably the biggest a-hole comment he has ever made in his career. The lowbrow sensibilities of Noel and Liam Gallagher prompted them to proclaim Hutchence a has-been and they noisily offered to battle.

Im sure he feels very little remorse for a throwaway comment he made while probably drunk and under the Influence of drugs. No ones safe from Noel Gallaghers caustic sense of humour. At the 1996 Brit Awards INXS Michael Hutchence presented Oasis with the Best Video trophy.

While attending college he created cover art for the singles White Man In Hammersmith Palais and Tommy Gun for The Clash and T-shirt design for the single Sheena is A Punk Rocker for The. The INXS peak was big but Oasis were a level above. Your mileage may vary but I liked INXS.

At the show Noel collected an award from Hutchence by saying Has-beens should not be presenting awards to. While the Farriss family home in nearby Belrose as well as the bands early rented Sydney residence in Newport are key locations in the bands early existence. INXS for all intents and purposes seemed unofficially washed up by the start of 1996.

Noel said Has-beens shouldnt be presenting awards to gonna-bes. Apart from Wonderwall and Live Forever most of the other songs seem a little bland and repetitive these days. TIL after a bar fight between Noel Gallagher from Oasis and Michael Hutchence from INXS – due to Gallaghers stating INXS are has beens – Hutchence recorded secret backup vocals to go under the chorus of Elegantly Wasted which are I am better than Oasis Close.

And hardly a compliment for Hutchence saying he was a better frontman then Noel seeing Noel wasnt even the frontman of Oasis. Answer 1 of 2.

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